At 心血管保健 of 纽约医院, our team of cardiologists offer a full spectrum of cardiac care – from diagnostics (such as nuclear stress 测试s 和 cardiovascular ultrasound) to intervention (including cardiac 和 peripheral vascular angioplasty) to rehabilitation (like our renowned cardiac rehab program).


Not all heart problems come with clear warning signs.
Find out your risk for cardiovascular disease by getting screened



We know quality care is important to you when choosing where to have your surgery, 过程, 测试, 或关心. It is important to know how we rate as an organization, 和 how others rate the care we provide. 点击这里 to learn more about our approach.


The American Heart Association has recognized 纽约医院 nationally for the achievement of the Get With The Guidelines ® – 中风 Gold Plus 识别. 医院 receiving the Gold Plus Achievement Award have reached an aggressive goal of treating patients with 85 percent or higher compliance to core st和ard levels of care as outlined by the American Heart Association/American 中风 Association® for 2 consecutive calendar years.



The following links provide further information about diagnostic 测试s, 诊断, treatments 和 support services:

治疗 & 服务

Our team of cardiovascular specialists offer extensive experience in all aspects of cardiology care: non-invasive cardiology, interventional cardiology, 和 electrophysiology. Each doctor brings a unique perspective 和 offers specialized care in the detection 和 treatment of heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, 和 disorders of the heart.


We provide a full spectrum of cardiac care – from diagnostics to intervention, 和, 自1978年以来, you’ve counted on us for reliable, 持续的关心.

Pictured, Top Row, L-R: Dr. 彼得•Chein博士. David Cunningham, Dr. 杰弗里·Colnes博士. Peter Dourdoufis, Dr. Jonathan Bridges, Dr. 约翰·范尼Srour. 下排左至右:Dr. 埃琳·J·拉弗蒂博士. Lawrence Petrovich, Dr.Alan Hymanson 和 Dr. 克里米米其林.


The Cardiopulmonary 康复中心ilitation Program is designed to meet the needs of cardiopulmonary patients (including, 但不限于, those who have had a heart attack, coronary artery bypass surgery, Chronic Obstructive 肺 Disease) 和 their families. The program combines education, 锻炼, nutritional counseling, stress reduction 和 behavior modification strategies. The goal of Cardiopulmonary 康复中心ilitation is to help patients recover, resume their normal activities of daily life 和 develop positive lifestyle strategies to enhance their future health. 请打电话给 for more information.

Congestive Heart Failure Exercise 和 Education Program: We offer a Congestive Heart Failure Exercise 和 Education Program that includes an initial evaluation 和 personal 锻炼 prescription 和 supervised group 锻炼 sessions. 请打电话给 (207) 351-3700 for more information.

支持组: 病人, friends 和 family are welcome to support groups for the following: Friends of the Heart, 瑞士法郎, 糖尿病, 肺, 中风, 癌症 & an innovative 护理giver’s support group. 点击这个 link for more information.

心血管保健 of 纽约医院

12 Hospital Drive, Suite D
电话: (207) 363-6136

心血管保健 of 纽约医院

电话: (207) 351-3718

Diagnostic Center at 纽约医院
诊断测试 & 心脏导管室

15 Hospital Drive, 缅因州,03909
电话: (207) 351-2424


心血管保健 of NH

2064 Woodbury Ave, Suite #103
Newington, NH  03801
电话: (603) 431-6691

Please note that our Somersworth 和 井 office is no longer seeing patients.  请打电话给 one of our other locations for an appointment. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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